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The Starnes Inc. Heating and Cooling team has more than 200 years of combined experience.

Call 1-800-STARNES Today

The Starnes Inc. Heating and Cooling team has more than 200 years of combined experience.

Call 1-800-STARNES Today

Starnes Core Values


 Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with a live answering service for back-up. Assures a 2 hour response for emergencies.

Commitment to customer satisfaction

Commitment to our employees and their families

Commitment to Starnes Incorporated

Commitment to surrounding communities.


Starnes’ pride themselves in being an honest trustworthy corporation, facilitating a worry free customer experience during undesirable circumstances


We make it our business to keep up with the latest technology:

Constantly evolving with the industry

Continuing education


A staffed service manager assures quality control and technical support for technicians:

Provide the highest grade of workmanship

Workmanship Warranty

Starnes, Inc. Standards


 Treat others and their property in the same manner you would prefer to be treated.


 Starnes’ performs all task with safety first attitude:

We conduct a monthly safety meeting

Provide each employee with the proper safety equipment


Everyone is accountable for his or her action and representation of Starnes Inc.

Our History

Starnes, Inc. was founded in 1975 in Lebanon, VA.  In 1992 Mr. Michael Fletcher joined the company as a partner.  As the company continued to grow ,  Fletcher  expanded the ownership and management team to include Mr. Jerome “Jody” Bailey, a service technician who had risen through the ranks to become Service Manager in 1997.    Mr. Ken Markwalter then joined the company in 2004, and become an equal partner in 2005.  The operations and management team, hired Mr. Jackie Hubbard, CPA, in January, 2007 as controller.  Mr. Lesley Hale who had served as a service technician with the company since 2002 purchased Mr. Markwalters share in 2014 to become an equal partner.  Fletcher, Bailey, and Hale are dedicated to the future and growth of Starnes, Inc. and complete customer satisfaction.


Corporate Office:  4082 US Hwy. 19 Lebanon, VA

Satellite Offices:

517 North Main Street Marion, VA

988 West Main Street Abingdon, VA

1089 Plaza Drive Grundy, VA

218 Buchanan Street Bristol, VA

Length of time in Business

41 years

Mission Statement

Starnes Inc. Heating and Cooling is an HVAC company dedicated to providing the highest quality service to Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. The definition of service is to serve. We provide HVAC service as a product but our mission as a company is to serve. We serve our community with the highest quality and dedication of HVAC services. We are committed to this daily with 24 hour response of the needs of our customers with highly trained and hard working employees almost all with college degrees and training from our community.

We are committed to this daily with 24 hour response of the needs of our customers

Starnes Inc., does not provide jobs, we provide careers. We pride ourselves in offering our community the opportunity of a career as opposed to a job, because as we believe that a company is only as good as the people that serve it. We believing supporting our employees in continuing their education in our industry, so we can offer the highest quality of services to serve our customers. We serve our employees with pay and benefits to provide for their families and the assurance the company will last long beyond any single person.

We serve our owners to generate enough profits for a fair return of investment and to finance continued growth and development of our company. This growth allows us to provide more opportunities for the owners, employees and this community. What we do will always be easy to define as HVAC service.  But beyond that service, Starnes Inc., will continue to strive to be an asset to our community, our employees and our owners.

More than 200 years of combined experience

Our team is the difference.  We believe in continuing our education to better serve you.