Residential HVAC Maintenance

Your home heating and air conditioning system is a big investment and crucial to the comfort of you and your family. Yet, unless something in your HVAC malfunctions, its health is little more than an afterthought. 

Don’t let yourself get startled and stressed by a suddenly broken heat pump. Starnes, Inc. Heating and Cooling offers preventative maintenance through our annual tune-up service. These customized inspections allow our trained technicians to identify and fix potential problems before they turn into your emergency.  

Why Should I Schedule Home HVAC Maintenance?

  • You will reduce future repair costs and extend your HVAC system’s life.
  • Your heat and air conditioning unit will avoid critical downtime during extreme conditions. 
  • Energy efficiency will be maintained, resulting in lower energy bills.
  • HVAC maintenance safeguards your indoor air quality, resulting in a healthier environment for you and your family. 
  • You’ll enjoy peace of mind! When a Starnes technician inspects your air system, you know it’s not just running – it’s running at factory specifications.

What’s Included in HVAC Maintenance?

  1. Inspection of the wear and condition of mechanical components.
  2. Checking of compressor oil levels.
  3. Tightening of electrical connections.
  4. Cleaning of refrigeration coils.
  5. A check of refrigerant pressures.
  6. Cleaning of the drain and treatment with algaecides.
  7. Lubrication of friction points in the system, including bearings and fans.
  8. Replacement of belts.
  9. Inspection of the burner or elements.
  10. Analysis of combustion components.
Starnes technician providing maintenance service on system

Schedule Preventative Heat Pump Maintenance Now

Starnes Inc. Heating and Cooling makes sure that our customers’ preventive maintenance remains on schedule. We monitor the health and needs of your HVAC equipment so you won’t be left out in the cold by unexpected heat pump problems.

To schedule a Starnes Inc. HVAC preventative maintenance
appointment, call (276) 325-7787.

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Has neglect or age caught up with your HVAC unit? Let us help you make an informed decision about replacing a heat pump. We carry heating and cooling’s top brands and ensure proper HVAC installation.