Office Manager

Our ideal candidate must be ready to take the reigns and ensure the smooth running of the largest locally-owned HVAC company in Southwest Virginia. Three to five years of corporate experience in an administrative position is ideal, but other experience will be considered. Our top candidate will have a desire to go the extra mile to provide exceptional customer service and have an outstanding ability to multi-task.

Position Description

In addition to traditional office manager duties, this candidate will have experience in human resources, accounting, IT, and marketing.

Office Manager Aspect:

  • Represent the company to the highest standard
  • fluent computer skills
  • organizing meetings and managing databases
  • maintain company credentials
  • work directly with insurance providers; company liabilities, certificate of insurance specific to work to be performed or customer, bonding
  • maintain records required by industry, OSHA, etc
  • organizing company events or conferences
  • dealing with public correspondence, complaints, and queries
  • preparing letters, presentations, and reports
  • supervising and monitoring the work of administrative staff
  • liaison with staff, suppliers, and clients
  • implementing and maintaining procedures
  • delegating tasks to junior employees
  • organizing induction programs for new employees
  • ensuring that health and safety policies are up-to-date
  • attending meetings with senior management

HR Aspect:

  • benefits administration
  • approving job descriptions and advertisements
  • looking after the health, safety, and welfare of all employees
  • organizing staff training sessions and activities
  • monitoring staff performance and attendance
  • advising line managers and other employees on employment law and Starnes’ employment policies and procedures
  • ensuring employees have the right-to-work
  • keeping personnel records up-to-date

Accounting Aspect:

  • accounts payable, receivable, payroll
  • creating excel templates to provide financial reports for multiple divisions
  • creating accounting reports to close the month
  • file year-end financial reports filed with CPA
  • managing office budgets
  • internal auditing reports
  • understanding accounting process and integration with field software

IT Aspect:

  • communicate with IT support company to assist with internal technical issues
  • fluent in apple products used by techs such as iPhones, iPads, etc
  • keep internal network up-to-date
  • ability to recommend needed improvements

Marketing Aspect:

  • manage and track the marketing account
  • create reports to represent a return on investment
  • approving advertisements

Additional Skill Sets Include:

Attention to detail * Organizational skills * Reliability and discretion * Adaptability * Communication, negotiation, and relationship-building skills * Budgeting skills * Problem-solving skills * Initiative to lead


Salary Range
45,000-60,000 annual*

Will be based on experience and skill set.


  • Medical Insurance
  • Retirement Plan
  • Paid Vacation/holidays
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