Most repairs are easy to understand and straight forward. To replace a motor, relay, contractor are easy to understand.


Refrigerant leaks are the toughest repairs that we face as a service company. Losing one ounce of refrigerant a day is considered a large leak. Trying to locate something that small can. Be very difficult and finding one leak does not insure that there are not other leaks. As we detect a leak in your system we have found that the best approach is to spend a small amount of time (30 minutes or less) to look for obvious leaks. If none are found we recommend recharging your system and adding a dye solution. The next time we come back we will know how fast the system is leaking and the dye will give us our best advantage of finding and repairing all of the leaks at one time. Leaks can also be a sign that the copper and or coils, in your system, are becoming weak. This is caused by the copper and coils heating up and cooling off (expanding and contracting) repeatedly over time causing the metal to become brittle or weak.


We hope this will help you to better understand your heating and cooling system. Most are very complicated pieces of machinery and very expensive. We are always available to come to your home and help with maintaining, repairing or to replace your system. We are also available to come out and discuss any issues that may arise.