Without a strategy in place to guide you, this can become an expensive and frustrating process.
Use foresight, not hindsight is the key.

  • FORESIGHT-The first key is to know that your system’s life should be approximately 12 to 20 years. Even though we can make your system last as long as possible, at some point it makes sense to spend money on replacement of a new system instead of spending money on an old system.
  • HINDSIGHT– This can be the frustrating part of the process. You could easily spend $500 to $2,000 dollars hoping to make your system last longer and in a short time to be faced with another expensive repair. Spend your money wisely knowing that the life should be approximately 12 to 20 years.
  • WHEN IS THE PROPER TIME FOR REPLACEMENT OVER REPAIR-Let age and expense of repairs be your guide. As your system approaches 12 years in age and you are faced with a major expense on repairs of $500.00 or more. As these two factors come together, we would recommend that you put your money towards replacement. You would be buying a new unit, with new warranties, higher efficiencies and new ozone friendly refrigerants.
  • HOW AND WHEN TO PICK A REPLACEMENT SYSTEM -The biggest mistake we see is waiting until your system is completely down and having to make a snap decision. We would recommend that as your system approaches 12 years in age, we would be glad to come to your home and discuss the different options available that would best suite your needs. You can take your time and select your new system and have a budget price in mind. We would keep this on file at our office for when the time comes to replace your system.


We hope this will help you to better understand your heating and cooling system. Most are very complicated pieces of machinery and very expensive. We are always available to come to your home and help with maintaining, repairing or to replace your system. We are also available to come out and discuss any issues that may arise