Ol’ Man Winter is officially upon us with his freezing temperature. He can be very brutal only allowing a few glimpses of sunlight during short days while forcing his frostbiting long nights. The presence of Ol’ Man Winter is not only affecting us physically but also financially.

Starnes Incorporated would like to educate and provide you with a few Winter Savings Tips.

HVAC SYSTEMS in most all residential, commercial, or industrial buildings use 50% of your energy consumption. With this knowledge, we can improve efficiency in our condition space by:

  • Replace or Clean Filters Monthly
  • Have your HVAC system on a routine Preventive Maintenance plan.  As a consumer, you should understand the benefits of  Preventive Maintenance 
  • Thermostat:  Set you thermostat at a comfortable temperature when occupying the space but upon departure for an extended time or at night set system control 5-10 degrees lower.  Programmable or Smart Thermostats today provide an easy and convenient way to do this daily.  Research has been performed and determined that this could provide up to 10% energy savings.

CEILING FANS with correct rotation selected will force the warm air that gathers near the ceiling down towards the living or occupied space allowing it to aid the system.  We recommend this only while occupying the space due to the energy consumption of the ceiling fan.

MAINTAIN AN EFFICIENT SPACE will reduce run time on HVAC systems.

  • Check all exterior doors and window seals.  Those that are drafty should be sealed with caulk or replaced if necessary.
  • Ol’ Man Winter very seldom provides sunlight but when available to direct sunlight open the curtains and retain as much solar heat as possible.  During the bitter nights cover windows to hold as much heat as possible.
  • Energy Audits are accompanied by some cost but can pay major dividends in energy cost,  especially during the winter months.

From Starnes Inc we hope to have educated and provided some real energy savings during Ol’ Man Winter’s time with us.